by Hofan
after 72 angels of Kabblah and Aura Soma course

....We were reminiscing about a director we once worked who would try to physically really push his actors so that they would bypass the brain and get in touch with their emotionality. And coincidentally, after the first day of the Angels workshop, I started running again. Running is something I used to regularly in secondary school (I used to be on the cross-country team), it's not surprising that on day two, it really helped me resolve some things stuck in that timeframe.

Anyway, thank you very much for holding the space in the Angel's course -- something very strong got connected. For the week after the course, when I sat down to meditate some very strong connection would spontaneously happen. Actually, the connection is still there ( there's just additional challenge with all the physical moving) but I believe something in my heart opened permanently. ❤

So thank you ❤


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