By Iris

From the various courses (intro & advanced course of Colour Therapy, and hyponosis and the recent workshop) refresh me a lot.  You have instilled me a new idea about self-diagnosis and how to listen to my own inner voice.  More importantly is how to unleash our negative emotions (by acknowledging them) & to realize and release our power of subconsicous mind (which I neglect her for a long, long period of time).  Your classes in different areas (whatever it is Colour Therapy or Hynosis) renew and refresh  my spirituality and walking closer to my Lord (in the way I understand and empower myself which in turn I thank my Lord for my being and my talent and my suffering) because I have the faith that all these turn into a NEW me with a NEW perspective and NEW life with power and joy. 

Thanks, Christine, though my response comes late, my heartfelt appreciation of your talent, your inner beauty and your giving remains the same.


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