It is worth taking the leap for something you have always wanted to do because until you try you'll never know.  Through the experience I have had and the risks I have taken, I have gained courage and confidence.  I didn't start with the courage and confidence.  I started with the risk

~ Laura Davis~ (from the book, The Power of the Woman)


In completion of "Sound of the Rainbow" workshop,  I'm grateful for everyone that has participated.

Thank you for your trust and being open, with that I got to experience another dimension of myself.

I don't arrange my own workshops very often, but when I do, they are the fruits of my heart's deepest desire and longing to share.  If you've also ever found the seed of love inside you, I invite you to tenderly irrigate it with patience.  And when the timing has ripen, all you have to do, is just to take a jump and pick the fruit.  Whether you use it to nurish yourself or share with others.  But you must take the jump, or you'll miss your own very being.

昨天彩虹之音工作坊圓滿落幕 我感謝每一位前來參與的朋友

多謝妳們的信任與敞開 讓我也因此有機會又經驗自己內在的另一層次

我不經常開辦工作坊 但每一次都是我內在深度渴望分享之種子的結晶

如果你也曾在心中發現過愛的種子 我邀請你溫柔的耐心灌溉

當時機成熟時 你所要做的 就只是跨出一步 將果實摘下






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