“This is not a rational process!’ the Wizard said to the Flower.


“I understand!  for me to blossom is one of the most natural things in the world.  I don’t have to be obsessed to need to understand why.”   The flower spoke rationally with a mono tone.  The wizard smiled with contentment as the flower spoke. But his eyes and brows were still tight and squeaking. “Did I force you to open? Did I hurt you? I kept on asking myself......” 


“No,” the flower answered.  


“Although it has been scary sometime, very very scary at times not knowing what will happen next, during the process, you help me become aware and accepting of myself.   By being open, I got to experience the vulnerability and the strength of being a delicate blossoming flower rather than being afraid and hiding in the hard shell as a seed. For whatever your intension was,  I have made a choice to trust you.  For whatever experiences I had, no one can take it away from me.  


The flower wanted so much to have the wizard to be hers, only belonged to her.  She wanted so much to have him being with her all the time as her own.  She felt so much loved and adored, just by the way he looked at her, spoke to her, and treated her.  She felt so free to love and to be loved; she was able to feel loving and lovable at the same time.  Being with him, there was so much joy and expansion.  She never felt this way before; nobody has understood her better than he has, even herself; nobody has ever gone into her heart as far and as deeply as he has.  She wished to keep him with her forever.   


Whenever she finds herself missing the Wizard’s presence, her heart aches so much and she cries with great pain and loneliness.  


“By me being with you, I have reflected your great love, joy, and beauty.  When I’m not there, you don’t see the reflection, for you're just missing the reflection of your own that you can actually find right inside of yourself!”  The Wizard said to the flower when she was shedding her tears feeling sad about his leaving. “And remember to look into the mirror and there i will be, saying I love you!”  the Wizard added with a grim.  The flower nodded vigorously, with tears running down her face like pearl drops.


The wizard hated to leave as well, “how can one resists such beauty?  It’s such a bliss just being in the presence of her flowering and fragrance.”  She also touched a place deep inside of the Wizard’s being that hardly anyone has access to.  The Wizard had to face himself honestly too especially with the flower's incredible willingness and commitment to open and grow.  The Wizard has also madly fell in love with the flower.  It torn him apart leaving her.


They both struggled.  But inside the flower’s heart, she also knows it in her truth that there’re so many other flowers out there waiting for the wizard to show them their own beauty and to help them blossom.  She needs to let him go.  


As much as her heart aches for him not belonging to her, she understands this is for her to learn to stand strong on her own, owning her own power and quality instead of depending on the Wizard to feed her needs to be cherished and to be understood.  She needs to learn to love and accept herself exactly as she is, just like how the Wizard showed her his unconditional love and acceptance.



After she let the Wizard go, she devotes herself into developing her own expression of fragrance, colors, and sounds. That attracts lots of butterflies because her unique beauty.   They also help wake up other flowers by spreading her unique fragrance, and singing her unique songs.  More and More butterflies are sharing.  More and more flowers are awakened.  


She finds that’s the best way to remember the Wizard for him is forever part of her uniqueness and her life. 


One day they shall meet again and she knows their love for each other will never fade away inside of their being.




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