Message in a Bottle

(Article from The Source Asia - by Vivienne Tang)

A Colourful Window to Your Soul

What can a little bottle of coloured water tell you? You will be surprised! The detailed information and clues about specific areas in your life can be highly transformational. You can receive clear guidance on certain topics that you have left untouched but need to be addressed. The system offers you a simple and effective way to get in touch with what lies beneath.

Different from a card reading, the non-intrusive technique offers a self-selective and very visual approach to wholeness and self-discovery. “Aura-Soma empowers us to take responsibility for our own well-being, using dual colour equilibrium bottles to explore our potential,” says Moon Cheng from The Spiritual Shop in Causeway Bay (the only official distributor in Hong Kong). “The colours represent a mirror that helps us recognize the energies of our being. You are the colours you choose, and they reflect your needs. This is the key premise behind Aura-Soma.”

The colour system is an empowering tool that will guide and enable you to make the right choices. “Aura-Soma helps to remember oneself,” says Go Ming-Oi, who is an Aura-Soma teacher and consultant. “As long as we find out our conditioned patterns then we bring attention, light or consciousness to the situation, so we are able to know which strings to pull or let go of.”

Sofia Chen, who has been an Aura-Soma practitioner for the last seven years, describes it as “a doorway to your subconscious to bring about clarity, awareness and understanding. It helps us to connect with our inner reality and clear the dark issue we are struggling with or simply bring awareness and acceptance to who we really are.”

When you go for a consultation, your practitioner will ask you to choose four bottles from a startlingly beautiful display of 107 bottles. The trained consultant will then interpret your journey through the colour code, whereas the top layer (fraction) stands for the conscious self and what is known, and the bottom fraction represents the sub-conscious or the higher self which may or may not be known. Furthermore, each bottle reflects different aspects, such as personality, gifts, talents, current situation and potential.

1. The first bottle represents your mission and purpose and the potential you have brought with you into life.

2. The second bottle represents your talents and gifts and the challenges you face. It will tell you what you need to improve to access your talent, so your life becomes smoother.

3. The third bottle represents the “here and now”, including relationships and work, and where you stand in relation to your purpose and your challenges from the first two bottles.

4. The fourth bottle represents the future and where you are heading, the energy that you are drawing into your life and the life you want to create for yourself.

Gaining insight and a new perspective on your life’s direction isn’t the only thing that Aura-Soma stands for. After a consultation you can also learn to work with the colours and the essences by applying them to reach a greater understanding of yourself and to become more aware of your current situation. “Use the second bottle first,” recommends Carol Cheung, a senior therapist at The Retreat in Repulse Bay (who was also spot on when she interpreted the bottles in my last session). “That’s the most difficult one, so use it first. After that, use the third one, then the fourth one and then at the end use the first bottle.” The bottles last for about four to six weeks, and they can be applied on the body and the chakras.

“Through the herbal extracts, essential oils and the gem energy inside the bottles, the skin can absorb the essence of the energy and slowly balance oneself,“ says Go.

“There is a clear connection between the colours in Aura-Soma and the chakra system and the many different levels through which the chakras relate,” says Cheng. “The beauty of Aura-Soma is that it can be considered at many levels so apart from an increased feeling of well-being it also offers the opportunity for the growth of consciousness by using the products through the consultation.”

But the beautiful Aura-Soma system contains more than just the equilibrium bottles used during the initial consultation. It carries five core products. The other four include a series of pomanders, quintessences, colour essences and archangel essences, which all help to support one on various levels.

So who should go for a consultation? “Whoever wants to connect with who they really are,” says Chen. “If you want to find out about your inner reality, and if you want to know yourself better, bring clarity and healing to your issues and just simply explore the beauty and mystery of colours, then this is for you.”

Vivienne Tang


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