Had a conversation with a friend on "HOPE"


We talked a lot about what hope can bring and what makes us hopeful, which reconnected me back in memory with some important people in my life who has kept me being hopeful during tough times. Then deep gratitude arises, teary……. 


They have similar qualities of love, compassion, wisdom, and caliber, and I just jumped in, to swim in the endless ocean of their hearts…… like a child, worry free, feeling safe, inspired……..


It's difficult to pin point exactly what "hope" is, just like it's not easy to say what "love" is. But it certainly gives me strength and capacity to move forward and to embrace experiences as life goes on……..


I guess after all, 
hope must come from the same place where love has come from….. 


I want to say a big THANK YOU to those who had taught me what LOVE and HOPE is, by being who you are…… and may I humbly pass on the light so we are always able to see the light at the end of the tunnel as we go though the dark night of our soul, 


with deep love and gratitude…..!!


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