Today, we are on the 3rd day of our Aura Soma Level 3 course on Kabbala tree of life. 

At the end of our class today, Eve asked me, “Was your own Level 3 like this as well?” I guessed she meant if it was as intense and rich. For my own very first Level 3 I actually didn’t quite remember the material presented in the class clearly, but I had deep experiences and a profound dream one night during the course. I dreamt about hearing extraordinarily beautiful celestial music from heaven. It was so beautiful that I became distressed that I didn’t know how to play the music. I woke up feeling frustrated and sad because I felt I wasn’t able to duplicate the music so people on earth can hear them. This feeling stayed with me for quite some time until couple years later when I shared it with my wise friend Rose. She said to me, “Maybe it’s not about you playing the celestial sound for people to hear. Maybe it’s more about you creating a compatible space for people to recognize and learn to play the music themselves….” It was such words of the wisdom….. Ever since then, it has became a prayer for me when I teach. For the past 4 years, i’ve taught 16 x Level 1, 7 x level 2, and 3 x level 3, I have to say I enjoy every class and I’m fully grateful that we get to learn to play and hear different celestial music because of the uniqueness and the beauty of every single soul. 

So today when i came home after class, I found myself watching this documentary on TV, “Seymour: an introduction” directed by Ethan Hawke. It's a loving portrait of his friend and mentor Seymour Bernstein, an 88 year old acclaimed classical pianist who quit a successful concert career at the age of 50 to become a piano teacher. I found myself watching this scene when he teaches piano. It was such a quintessence embodiment of talent and wisdom, and I found myself hearing my celestial music again. I couldn’t hold my tears, feeling overwhelmingly amazed by the synchronicity of the universe. No words could describe, just completely and infinitely grateful!!!

On top of it all, I want to give thanks to beloved Kosha who was my Aura Soma level 3 teacher. She inspired me to stay in my integrity, to speak of my truth and to be the anchor of love and light. It was because of her, I fully committed in working with Aura Soma system. She passed away the same year I became Aura Soma teacher. I miss her very much, but her spirit remains in my heart forever and I felt her presence in my own classes when I teach. I’m forever grateful for my beloved teacher Kosha.


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