by Renanit Hila, Christine 譯







我想,這探索是為了更深、更真實的療癒,是一種在靈魂層面去幫助人們的渴望 - 因為那是唯一令我感到有興趣及能成長的事。

在幼年時,我甚至會和各種不同顏色的絲巾共舞,在直覺中,就能到屬於我自己的顏色。從小,我便會仔細的觀察大自然,觀察所有細微的事物,天空、雲的變化、風去觸碰葉子、成長、花的顏色和香味、樹木、土壤、蟲子、小貓、哼著歌的鳥兒,去愛她們,去照顧她們,去傾聽,鈴噹的聲音、風的歌聲、雨滴的聲音、小鳥在飛翔時翅膀的聲音。 我會走在小徑中,天馬行空的想著,就在柑橘色的樹叢中,慶祝這些顏色的花朵在春天綻放 ,陶醉在他們的香味裡,我總覺得這些有顏色的香味,是在運作著我們的記憶-提醒著我們過去的經驗,帶我們回到那個意識中特別的地方,打開我們心底深處那個曾被遺忘許久的地方,過去,連同未來的經驗和渴望,是超越這裏和現在的地方。


Aura Soma 帶給我的,就像是被風和水洗了一遍又一遍的鵝卵石,像是期待由頑石裡誕生出來的美玉,層層螁去那外表軀殼後,讓我們可以來到那個充滿光亮的核心,回到最原始的本質…


Christine 按:

Renanit,一位充滿愛和力量,總是帶著笑容的以色列女孩。原為一名成功的營養師, 雖然從事的也是能讓人身體健康的工作,但始終不能滿足她。直到接觸 Aura Soma 色彩治療, 在身心靈整合方面有非常深刻的體驗之後,致力於成為一位色彩諮商師,目前是以色列第一位國際色彩治療學院認證合格的諮商師及教師, 致力於以色彩的能量帶來愛與和平,祝福她…………

My insights while experiencing Aura Soma

By Renanit Hilla


All my life I had a quest. I looked for colors, sound, and fragrance.

All my life I was searching for deep meanings, deep understandings and deep insights for my questions:

Why am I here?

What am I doing here?

Why here specifically?

Which era do I belong to?

The search was for the deep, real healing.

The need to help people at soul level - because this is the only things that interests and nourish me.

Even as a little child in the kindergarden I danced with silk scarves with various colors - and intuitively I picked the right colors for myself.

All my life ever since my childhood I was observing nature, the 'little things', the sky, the movement of the clouds, the wind touching the leaves, growth, flowers with their color and fragrance, the trees, the soil, beetles, cats, the humming of the birds. Loving them, taking care of them. Listening to the sounds of bells, wind chaims, rain dropping, the sound of the wings of the birds while they are flying.

I was wondering along the paths, among orange and citrus trees, celebrating the blossom of the citrus flowers in the spring - intoxicated by their fragrance.

I always felt how smell and fragrance operates my memory - reminds me of some past experiences.

The fragrance takes us and brings us back to special places in our consciousness.

The fragrance opens up places inside us that had long being forgotten - past experiences and also future experiences and longings, far beyond the here and now.

The colors, fragrance and the sounds are the keys of the soul to varied levels of consciousness and that has the ability to release out side-hidden messages, and deep insights.

Aura Soma is like a pebble being washed again and again by the wind and water…

It is like a statue asked to be born out of the rough rock, out of the marble…

It is re-shaping the outer layer so we could come to the core, the spark, the light within. Getting back to the start of all creation -"Genesis".

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